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February 2017
Bob’s Tech Talk

Health and Fitness in Your Pocket and on Your Wrist

My mother, who is nearly 80, got her first iPhone about six months ago. She did not see the value at first, but today she insists that it is the most important tech device she owns...Smartphones can weave their way into our lives in so many different ways that their convenience is difficult to anticipate, but easy to experience firsthand.

January 2017
Bob’s Tech Talk

Choosing a New Printer, New Programmers, and DIY Computing

The do-it-yourself route has several other rewards for hobbyists, including a thorough understanding of how each component works and the skills needed to make repairs in the future. And perhaps best of all, a PC is more useful than building a ship in a bottle.

December 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Music on Phones, Identifying Favorite Songs, and a Podcast Primer

In many ways podcasts are similar to the way traditional radio sounded in its early days. Advertising is minimal, quality varies, and yet good podcasts still deliver a personal, satisfying listening experience. We are in the middle of a golden age of podcasts.


Humans Are Becoming Obsolete

Not only do I miss interacting with those fine chaps, I’m also left with the perplexing issue: Should I tip the pizza delivery drone as much as I gave the pizza delivery guy?

November 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Desktop Replacements, Clouds, and Snapchat

No matter which upgrade path you choose, do not wait until your present computer breaks before replacing it. It is much easier to preserve your sanity if you can make the transition gradually. Keep the present computer as a backup while you learn how to make the most from the new one.


Welcoming a 3D World

There are also printers that can layer chocolate into customized shapes. Shoes, sunglasses, gnocchi, sugary confections, and Hollywood costumes are being pumped out at a faster and less expensive rate.

October 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Organizing Your Photo Collection, Wi-Fi Everywhere, and Facebook Backups

Facebook has been around for a dozen years now, and chances are excellent that you have built up quite a scrapbook of memories. Or maybe you want to carefully review everything you've ever shared. There is a very simple way to download a copy of everything you have ever posted to Facebook.

September 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Everything You Need to Know about Cutting Cable TV – And Still Getting to Watch More Than You’ll Ever Have Time For

One last personal thought on dropping cable TV. I did not consider this beforehand, but have come to value it most of all. Going online sharply raised the quality. It cut way back on the ambient noise of throw-away programming, and added a healthy level of intention to how we spend our viewing time.


Cans Should Be Airtight Metal Containers Only

Tin cans, as a child, were for collecting for the “war effort.” Currently, “canned” has nothing to do with food preservation but, rather, laughter. A television comedy, so unsure of its content, has a laugh-track doing its “ha ha” after almost every line spoken.

August 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

CallerID Scams, Summer Reading, USB Flash Drive Speed

All of them will claim they are who they say they are, "just look at your callerID." I have gotten some version of every one of those calls, and many more. The bottom line is that callerID can be faked, it does not verify anything.

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