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June 2016

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Could Help The Blind

A Blaid device would augment, not replace, canes, guide dogs and basic GPS devices now used to provide more information about surroundings...It also plans to expand the device to include mapping, object identification and facial recognition capabilities.

May 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Aloft, Afloat or Just Desperately Seeking Power Away from Home

The quality of Internet connections on cruise ships at sea is predictable: slow, intermittent, and expensive when compared to anything available on land. Yet considering the limitations of satellite-based Internet, the fact it works at all is a small miracle.

April 2016
Bob’s Tech Talk

Checkout Confusion, One Click Large Type, and Smartphone Call Block

Many newer websites offer large areas of white space, large photos, and single columns of text. Unfortunately, many more sites do not. The solution is “Reader Mode, a feature already available in most Web browsers. This special view can turn the most cluttered Web page into a typographic masterpiece.


Few things give me joy like blocking junk telephone calls. Newer smartphones have ways to hand off specific numbers directly to voice mail. Considering that many automated call machines rarely leave messages, the effect completely blocks most unwanted calls.


Is a PHEV for You?

Now information on the route, speed limits and traffic congestion can be used to determine the optimum part of the trip to charge the battery. The BMW i8 can even detect a traffic jam so it can negotiate it on electric power alone saving fuel and without any emissions.

March 2016

Got a New Smart Phone? Take Steps to Secure It – and Your App Safety Online

You might even be able to wipe the sensitive data from your phone remotely, if it’s stolen. You can even trigger an alarm that sounds off in the thief’s ear. It renders the phone useless, and with any luck, the shrill noise will make him wet his pants. That’ll teach him.
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Thieves love free WiFi sites like coffee shops and fast-food joints. They may set up shop there, and sit all day, collecting the bank and credit information of unsuspecting shoppers. And why not? For a thief, free WiFi is a goldmine.

Bob’s Tech Talk

Armchair Aviators, Facebook News, and What the Heck Is a Hashtag

However (there is always “however” when dealing with untethered flying objects), space is not the only consideration. Once again the technology of what is possible has leapfrogged legal and cultural norms, so much so that drones find themselves at the heart of many controversies.

Joyce Eisenberg

Swimming Safely in Shallow End of the Technology Pool

We’re most familiar with the old-fashioned ways of getting stuff done, so even though we use modern technology, we sometimes talk about it in outdated terms. Here are some questions that don’t need to be asked anymore, but we just can’t help ourselves.

February 2016
The Hippocratic Oaf

A Dick Tracy Watch Is Now for Sale at Your Local Phone Store

I suddenly felt a little old or perhaps more accurately somehow disconnected. But I was not going let these feelings interfere with this exciting moment as I stared at what I thought would always be impossible – a Dick Tracy watch!

Bob’s Tech Talk

Smartphone Woes, Social Networks, and Power Adapters

The advice to “turn it off and turn it back on again” has been around forever because it works surprisingly often. I remember workdays in the 1990s when I would restart my PC every few hours. If I didn’t, it would crash anyway.

January 2016
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Farewell, Dear Friends

Add to that Apple, Android and Microsoft smartphones, tablets of all species, plus Kindle, Kobo, Slick, Nook and other eReaders – it's enough to make one's head explode. The reality is that my one remaining neuron is no longer willing or capable of retaining all that information. (I can, however, still remember some of the 1960s, for which I am very grateful.)

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