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September 2015
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Do I Need the Facebook App?

In addition to detailed product reviews, you can read buying guides (“What should I consider when buying a pit bull?”) and how‑to guides (“How do I perform my own appendectomy?”) Once ePinions helps you decide what you want to purchase, you will find pricing and availability options through a list of rated online merchants.

August 2015
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Net Neutrality 101

Ever wonder how many calories are in a McDonald's Big Mac? How about a Subway Club? Or Arby's Curly Fries? Me neither, but for anyone counting calories, here’s a site that will either be of great assistance or will ruin your life.

July 2015
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Create Foreign Language Characters

Here you will find lists and links containing episode titles and air dates for more than 6,900 TV shows. Type in the name of a show, old or new, use the “Current Shows” link or the alphabetical listing. Also included are links to TV-related retailers, schedules and UK-based radio shows.


Auto Neurotic

There are also four buttons on the rearview mirror, including a garage door opener, which Bruce told me I would have to sync with my old garage door opener. Or was it my computer? No, maybe it was my smart phone. No matter. When he said sync, I knew I was sunk.

June 2015
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Who Regulates the Internet?

I would avoid relying on flash drives for long-term data storage. 10 years is an industry “best guess,” but failure can occur in far less time. I wouldn’t place all my digital eggs in one basket. I replace storage media approximately every five years, just to keep it current.


Dad's ‘Smart’ Car

Even though the experts predict truly "smart" cars will not be here for about a decade, my dad had a smart car about 40 years earlier. His eyesight was failing due to glaucoma. However, he still needed to drive to the doctors, grocery store and so forth and public transportation was not available.

May 2015
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Silence a Clicky iPad

World religions, traditions and mysteries can be explored here from such diverse sources as the Hypertext Bible, the predictions of Nostradamus, Gothic texts about vampires, and translations of Shinto texts. Surprisingly, none of the works of acclaimed philosopher and renowned deep-thinker Mr. Modem are included. Probably just an oversight.

April 2015
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Windows XP: Let it Go

At the time of each respective release, it was announced that extended support would terminate for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020 and for Windows 8, January 10, 2023, so mark your calendars. Technology is destined to move ahead with us or without us, whether we want it to or not. That's just a harsh reality of computing life.

March 2015
Mr. Modem
Ask Mr. Modem

Investigate Slow Connection

I’m glad you remembered what I so frequently yammer about: Never provide your password or voluntarily confirm any other personal or account information when requested to do so by email. No legitimate organization or service will ever ask you for that information.

Fritz on Photography

Depth of Focus

Using a feature known as focus stacking it is possible to have all flowers in focus by taking a series of pictures with the focus point changing from front to back and combining the shots to make a single image.

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